Before you naysayers say, “I see, it’s another blog hoping to get rich from ads,” let me assure you, I’m not getting rich from this. Advertising is a necessary activity for any bar, restaurant, band, artist, freelancer, publication, or any other person providing a service. Just because McBurger and All-Mart have turned it into a dirty word, it’s not.

Advertising with WWJDinSLC reaches the tech-savvy, modern, real people of Salt Lake. Whether you want people to drink at your bar, see your band, or buy your ‘zine, this is the place to connect with Salt Lake’s counter-culture. People visit to plan their night out, decide where to eat, connect with other people, discover local business, and so much more. Be seen, be remembered, and be a part of the hottest media community in town.

If you want to promote your business, I want to help. Regardless your budget, let’s talk. From ad space on the site, to publicity and consulting, WWJDinSLC can help you.

Marketing @ WWJDinSLC . com

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