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Around the SL,UT September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

School’s back, which should remind us what Mr. T always said. Stay in school, eat your vegetables, dance like you’re in Brazil, and enjoy great movies and music every night. Okay, so maybe the immortal Mr. T didn’t say all of those things, but I pity the fool who don’t take that advice and enjoy this week. It’s time for, Around the SL,UT!

SLC Vegan Drinks MinglerAre you vegan, have vegan tendencies, or just want to try some great cruelty-free drinks and dishes? Head to W Lounge tonight (Friday) at 7pm for SLC Vegan Drinks and Potluck. Get to know the vegan community while tasting some tasty snacks and enjoying some cool music. Eat, drink, and be vegan!

Saturday, it’s time to get Brazilian! No, not get a Brazilian, but feel free to do that too. It’s the Brazilian Festival at Gateway from 1-7pm. Music, dancing, food, and plenty of South American excitement.

Salt Lake Film Society is 10 years old, and rather than having a Superman party with streamers and balloons, they’re showing 10 influential films from the past decade for only $10. 10 Films From 10 years runs through this week. Pick up your tickets at the Broadway or Tower Theatre, and you can see classics like Slumdog Millionaire, Brokeback Mountain, March of the Penguins, and more throughout this next week.

It’s a week of music ahead of us, although we don’t get a Willie Nelson/Snoop Dogg duet, they’re both in town. Willie Nelson is at Gallivan Center Tuesday, Sept 6, tickets are $40. He recently recorded a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” for a short film in cooperation with The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

Snoop Dogg is here Thursday at Gallivan, 7pm $35. What more needs to be said, it’s Snoop, you know you want to go.

A couple other great shows next week, Marcy Playground (remember, the Sex & Candy guys) are at The State Room Wednesday, and Alien Ant Farm at In The Venue Thursday. Check them out, as well as the rest of this week’s must hear music.

Coming next week, the Greek Festival! Keep an eye here for more details, or subscribe to get everything delivered right to your inbox.

Must hear music:

Friday –  Rap: Sweatshop Union, Pat Maine, Burnell Washburn at Urban Lounge 9pm $10  
Saturday –  Jason Derulo, Cameron Rafati at The Rail 7pm $28.50 
Sunday – Pop/punk: With the Punches, Carridale at Kilby Court 7:30pm $6 
Monday – Starfucker, Beat Connection, Alexico at Kilby Court 7pm $15 
TuesdayStarfucker, Beat Connection, Alexico at Urban Lounge 9pm $13 
Wednesday – Marcy Playground at The State Room 8pm $17 
Thursday – Alient Ant Farm, Acidic, Abused Romance at In The Venue 7pm $18 

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10 years of influential film

September 2, 2011

Beginning today, September 2nd Salt Lake Film Society is celebrating their 10th anniversary by showcasing ten influential independent films, one from each year our doors have been open. All films are FREE FOR MEMBERS. For non-members, $10 passes for all films on sale now at the Broadway and Tower, individual tickets to one film are $5.

Slumdog Millionaire at Tower Theater Salt Lake CityThis is a great opportunity to see these classic films on the big screen again, or for the first time. All films are showing at Tower Theatre.

FRI 9/2
1:00 Napoleon Dynamite
4:00 While Rider
7:00 Brokeback Mountain

SAT 9/3
1:00 Brokeback Mountain
4:00 March of The Penguins
7:00 Napoleon Dynamite

SUN 9/4
1:00 March of the Penguins
4:00 Brokeback Mountain
7:00 Whale Rider
9:30 Napoleon Dynamite

Brokeback Mountain at Tower Theatre Salt Lake CityMON 9/5
1:00 Slumdog Millionaire
4:00 Amores Perros
7:00 King Speech, The
9:30 Once

TUE 9/6
1:00 King Speech, The
4:00 Once
7:00 Slumdog Millionaires
9:30 Amores Perros

WED 9/7
1:00 There Will Be Blood
4:00 King Speech, The
7:00 No Man’s Land
9:30 Slumdog Millionaire

The King's Speech at Tower Theatre Salt Lake CityTHU 9/8
1:00 There Will Be Blood
4:00 Amores Perros
7:00 Once
9:30 No Man’s Land

It’s Always Sunny with Geeks Who Drink

August 31, 2011

Tuesday September 20 is the day the Gang Gets Quizzed. It’s an entire quiz devoted to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you love this show, this is your chance to make it pay. Gather your own gang together and come celebrate seven seasons of the show.

Unlike a regular night of quiz, this one has a big cash prize on the line. It’s $5 per player to join, and you can have a team of up to 6 people. The first question is 8pm, and you will want to arrive early, cash in hand, and ready to throw down your knowledge of Sweet Dee, Charlie, and Mac.

This quiz will take place at The Huddle. Check out their new menu before the quiz, because you wouldn’t want to compete on an empty stomach. RSVP & share the invite with your friends, because the bigger this quiz gets, the bigger the cash prize!

The Huddle
2400 east Ft. Union Blvd