City Weekly Music Awards 2011

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The nominations are in. Each year City Weekly seeks nominations from our area’s music experts to select the lineup of the City Weekly Music Awards. The band showcase shows begin this weekend, and it is a great way to see how great our local music scene is. Go online now for the first round of voting, which ends Thursday, February 3 at midnight. Then plan to be at the showcases to vote your favorite band again at the live show.

Each live showcase is $6 admission.Below are the shows and links to each band’s music. Check them out and VOTE!

Friday, Feb 4:
7 pm – Corey Mon & The Starlight Gospel
8 pm – Sam Smith Band
9 pm – King Niko

Burt’s Tiki Lounge
10 pm – Cavedoll
11 pm – Fox Van Cleef
12 am – Plastic Furs

Saturday February 5:
Club Vegas
9:30pm – Holy Water Buffalo
10:30pm – Shark Speed
11:30pm – Bronco

Velour (Provo)
8:30pm – Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm
9:15 pm – The Continentals
10 pm – Michael Gross & The Statuettes
10:45 pm – Parlor Hawk

Friday, Februray 11:
The Urban Lounge
10 pm – Future of the Ghost
11 pm – Birthquake
12 am – Night Sweats

Burt’s Tiki Lounge
10 pm – Ravings of a Madman
11 pm – INVDRS
12 am – Killbot

Saturday, February 12:
Bar Deluxe
10 pm – S.L.F.M.
11 pm – Palace of Buddies
12 am – Muscle Hawk

The Woodshed
10 pm – Lindsay Heath Orchestra
11 pm – David Williams
12 am – La Farsa

The final three bands will compete February 19 at The Complex ($10). Mark you calendars and I’ll see you at the shows.

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