Drinking in SLC

beer_2092“Can I get a drink in Salt Lake?”

“I heard you have to be a member of the bar.”

“Utah drinks are watered down.”

“There are hardly any bars in Salt Lake.”

“Aren’t all the bars closed on Sunday?”

Pipa_01Despite what you’ve heard, you can drink in Utah. Sure, there are a few laws about liquor, but we’re by no means the only state that has liquor laws. In fact, if you want to get absolutely smashed tonight, you can do that. All you need to be is of legal drinking age (21), have an ID to prove it (required in EVERY state), and I would urge you have transportation (don’t drink & drive, it’s not cool).

No, there is not a private club law. You may run into a bar that is charging a cover due to the entertainment. That’s not uncommon anywhere in the world, but most bars in Salt Lake do not have a cover just to drink.

Yes, bars are open on Sunday. There’s no law prohibiting Salt Lake bars from serving drinks on Sunday.¬†Yes, like many other cities, there is a last call (1 am). Also, it’s true that you can’t get a bloody mary before noon.

No, drinks aren’t “watered down” but there is a limit to the amount of alcohol allowed in a drink. Regardless where you drink, SLC, Las Vegas, Tijuana, there is a limit to the alcohol they pour. Bars are not in the business of giving away expensive liquor. In Utah, there just happens to be a law, but I assure you, these will not hinder you from having a good time, & there are plenty of drunk people who prove that drinking does indeed happen.

Go forth & drink in SLC! Just don’t be a jerk when you’re drinking. Nobody likes that.

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