Record Store Day, SLC 2011

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If it wasn’t for the brave men and women of independent record stores, our musical world would be a lot less diverse. Even today, as the internet is able to bring us music, there is a need for these brick & mortar stores where we can discover new sounds, talk to people who love music, and often buy for less than iTunes.

This is why Record Store Day is so important. A day to promote the awareness of local shops on a mission to keep the dream alive, and show us why CDs are still cool. There are exclusive releases coming out this weekend, and you need these in your playlist.

If you’ve never been there, Slowtrain Music is the place for those who really love music. The staff is passionate and knowledgable. They will be celebrating an entire weekend of exclusive releases, live music, and street festivities. Friday night, they will be open until 9pm as part of the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll. They will be serving delicious Bohemian beer all weekend in the lounge. Of course, the main events are the great local bands playing Saturday:

    Birthquake – 11am
    Trappers – 12pm
    Paul Jacobsen – 1pm
    Ryan Tanner – 2pm
    American Shakes – 3pm
    Plastic Furs – 4pm
    Jay William Henderson – 5pm
    Desert Noises – 6pm
    Joshua James – 7pm

Graywhale Music will also be hosting live bands at most of their locations, as well as special releases, hot sales, and great benefits for Killer Whale members.

U of U Graywhale– KRCL Showcase (Noon-5p) Octet, Bronco, Holy Water Buffalo, Pablo Blaqk, Joshua Payne Orchestra & more.

Orem Graywhale– Utah County Locals Showcase (2-7p) Desert Noises, Moth & The Flame, Glowing Heads, Just A Face, In Dreaming, & Salt City Sound.

Taylorsville Graywhale– 97.5 The Blaze Rock Showcase (2-6p) Hour 13, Split Lid & more.

Ogden Graywhale– SLUG Metal Showcase (7p-Midnight) Oldtimer, Reviver, Beyond This Flesh, Loom & Breaux.

You need to visit your local record store this weekend, and discover a world of music beyond the corporate top-40.

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