What is WWJDinSLC

Salt Lake City has a lot to offer. A great balance of big-city & little-town charm that makes for great events that are approachable and not too crowded. But too many people believe that there is nothing here but families and churches. That’s where I come in.

It started with the idea that SLC should have one place to find out what’s happening. I knew¬†that the idea alone was not new, and would need to be memorable, unique, quality, and even… divine. WWJDinSLC was born on Twitter, and a year later was chosen by readers of City Weekly as the “Best Local to Follow on Twitter.”

The mission continues to be:

“Make Salt Lake more cool.”

Getting the word out, and showing people there are things to do will benefit us all. Get out of the house, meet new people, and support local businesses and performers. All I ask is that you do some missionary work. Tell people about the site, help more people see what there is to do. No tithing required, but your donations do help make improvements. If WWJDinSLC has helped you, buy the savior a drink.

If you are a bar, restaurant, band, or any other cool business in Salt Lake who wants to be featured, please contact me.

Your donations keep this dream alive. If you’ve enjoyed content from WWJDinSLC, please consider buying the savior a drink.

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