Yelp Eats!

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You’ve no doubt heard of Yelp, and I’m sure many of you use it to find great local places to eat. This week, they have put together something incredible that will help you try something new at a great price.

Introducing: Yelp Eats! For one week (July 11-July 17), 8 great Salt Lake area restaurants will be offering a special Yelp Eats menu that features three choices each of appetizers, entrees and desserts or drinks at 50% off! Check out the menus on Yelp now.

1. Call to make reservations (book early!) and say you are calling for Yelp Eats. Dinner only.
2. Request the “Yelp Eats” menu when booking and make sure you get the menu at the restaurant – they’ll also be offering their regular menus.
3. Anyone (yelpers and non-yelpers) can enjoy this deal. So spread the word!
4. Even though the prices are 50% off, your servers will be working at 100% so please tip on the full menu price.

Atlantic Café & Market, Bohemian Brewery, Cucina Vanina, Faustina, Meditrina, Metropolitan, Stoneground, and The Wild Grape will be offering these specials nightly, so don’t miss out on this incredible promotion. It is open to everyone, so even if you’ve never used Yelp before come check this out. While you’re at it, sign up and you’ll love what you see.

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